• Image of Lugano Fell - Classiques Décomposées (2xvinyl)


Lugano Fell - Classiques Décomposées

These live improvisations were cut directly to lacquers and pressed onto vinyl in one day. See how this was made & hear how this sounds like here:

Classiques Décomposées by Lugano Fell
9 handmade assembled copies only.

2x12” heavy 200 gramms vinyl
one marbled, one transparent
no labels, 3 sides (4th is blank)

Black gatefold cover
Black silk inner bookmark
Authentic 1970 gold heliophore in 3 different patterns
Credits silkscreened by Les Belges

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab ™ innersleeves
HD PVC protective outersleeve

Digital files provided.
Strong & registred shipping included.

Art Direction Olivier Ducret.

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